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Universal Illumination Sanctuary
Grotto Chapel ~ D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle
June-July 2011 | © Noreen Jameson 2011

Blessed Godde, your children, whom you have
brought together, at this time, for this time,
are gathered to shine your Light and Love.

Turbulent weather and disasters have our hearts
with our human and animal brethren as we
pray for their safety, protection, healing
and restoration.

Political turmoil is seemingly prevalent in these
times... we understand the necessity of freedom,
and are grateful for those who defend it, but we
pray for world peace.

As we reflect upon the needs and requests of
those who are ill, suffering, in pain, in poverty...
we claim healing, joy, wellness and prosperity.

May all realize that miracles occur, and may
our example of many paths, many faiths -
gathering as One - facilitate a world-wide spirit
of gratitude and thankfulness with full release
of all negativity.

Amen.. And so it is... So mote it be... Blessed Be.

(narrated by Noreen Jameson)

1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET ~ 7/365

"Prayer is the key of the morning
and the bolt of the evening."
-- Mahatma Gandhi



The Garnet Flame is a Gift from Archangel Gabriel and Divine Mother, transmuted through a Meditation and Vision received on March 11, 2011


It is a NEW Flame / Ray, for THIS Time / Age.


You are free to distribute this Decree for meditation and visualization purposes, as given by Archangel Gabriel and Divine Mother, however it must remain intact, as-is.




D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle
Grotto Chapel ~ U.I.S.
April - May Invocation
©2011 Teri Helton
We are here, in this moment, blessed Godde,
gathered as One in gratitude and love.
In this moment may the Light of love shine from every heart
bringing darkness into Light.
May the Light of love shine from every heart
bringing hope and faith where there is doubt.
In this moment may Peace prevail.
Addressing current earth changes and political issues,
We pray for calmness.
We claim containment for all dangers.
We surround all with protection and healing.
In this moment we embrace all that exists
with love, harmony and Peace.
Intending wellness and wholeness
of mind, body and spirit for all;
with release of worry, fear, and all bane
from every heart and opening all to Your blessings.
We are blessed, dear Godde, with all the goodness
and richness of your bounty
and claim it for all with gratitude for
Radiant healing, abundant prosperity and
boundless joy and happiness for everyOne.
For any and all harm, we ask forgivness and forgive.
We offer these prayers in this moment,
and every moment, with gratitude and love.

Amen...And so it is...Blessed Be.


(narrated by Noreen Jameson)

1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET ~ 7/365

prayer, meditation, illumination


Grotto Chapel ~ Feb-March 2011

Grotto Chapel
D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle
"Invocation" February & March, 2011
© 2011, Noreen Jameson

As we collectively gather as Children of the Divine
and reflect upon our Intentions for humanity,
our Intentions for our Mother Earth,
our Intentions for the animals,
our Intentions for the Highest Good of
All Concerned, may we pause....

And just BE.

Be in Gratitude.
Be in Gratitude for the Miracles we have
Be in Gratitude for the Blessings
already received.

For, as we know,
even the darkest hour
turns into Light
And that Light is our shared LOVE.

Blessed Godde, we claim our Birthright
to health, to prosperity, to joy.
And we claim it for those who have yet
to receive it.
Remove their blockages, Bless them
with full joy and contentedness.
Bless us all with your deep Peace.

So be it.
And so it is.
Blessed Be!



Grotto Chapel
Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle
"non" Invocation
Dec 2010 - Jan 2011
© Maven Noreen Jameson

My dear soul-family
as we enter into the last
month of 2010, one of the
most Holy months, celebrated
by many faiths and paths,
I again propose a "non"-Invocation
as I believe we all know how to Pray.
Instead, let us reflect upon the past
year, the positive gains we've made,
the miracles we've witnessed,
and the ONE-ness we have accomplished.

We'll be entering a NEW year soon,
full of possibilities, let us continue to
shine our collective LIGHT and show
those who fear and those who question,
that people such as ourselves, from all
walks of life, from many diverse faiths and paths
CAN join as ONE, DO join as ONE,
consistantly, each and every day, blending
our hearts, our voices, our thoughts,
all for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Take this time, now, my sisters and brothers,
to reflect upon, contemplate, meditate and pray
about all that which concerns you.
Please include our Grotto Chapel "list"....

Blessed Be.
And so it is.
So mote it be.



Join us each day at 3pm CST -- http://grou.ps/priory_rose_grotto/


The VIDEO verson, below, on Vimeo or YouTube has a much better audio of the above 'non'-Prayer:




D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle
October-November  (NON) Invocation ~ Oct 3-Dec 4, 2010
©2010  Noreen Jameson
{aka Maven Noreen}

As we collectively gather as One to pray and meditate
... as we call upon Deity ...
Let's really go-within and open our hearts
to contemplate answers and solutions.
We HAVE received them. Have we utilized them?

Friends, family, Soul-family,
we are Loved, unconditionally.
Are we reflecting that Love,
that LIGHT
as we go about our daily lives?

Take this time each day, while praying,
to ask Deity, Source, Spirit to guide
your prayers ~ that your actions
outwardly mirror what is in your heart,
your very soul.

We have lists of prayer and healing requests...
we make time each day to combine our energies
for the Highest Good of All Concerned.
Breathe now, and turn all that is positive and
good towards the needs of others.


Our Divine birthright is that of abundance,
prosperity, health, joy, protection and safety.
Reach up to that blackboard or whiteboard
and ERASE negativity. Release it.
Write a new contract ~ by doing so for your
own self, you are radiating peace to our brethren.

So Be it.
And so it is.
Blessed Be!





Join us each day @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto @


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D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle
Aug-Sept (non) Invocation ~ Aug1-Oct 2, 2010
©2010  Noreen Jameson
{aka Maven Noreen}

From various paths and faiths, we come
together each day to contemplate and
reflect upon the many needs of our
brethren who share our Mother Earth.

As ONE, we pray, we meditate, and we
see and claim Miracles.

No matter how we individually acknowledge
Deity, we know that the Divine hears our
prayers, and Loves us ALL.

Friends, family, soul-family, YOUR needs,
YOUR desires become ours.

Whether on bended knees, or with raised
hands, or quietly sitting, we share the Love.

Prayer is not the words, prayer is the
INTENTION, and our intention is crystal clear,
to pray for you, to pray for your loved ones,
and to pray for those who have not or cannot ask.

The Highest Good of all concerned is best
served by collective prayer, thought and
This we gladly do.

Rather than compose a prayer of Invocation
this month,  we again invite you to call upon
your own Divine Source, your own Creator,
and pray or meditate in your own unique fashion.

Please include the Waters of our Mother Earth
while reflecting upon the list of needs we continually

Blessed Be
So mote it be.
And so it is.

* * * * * * *
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1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT


D.aily  R.eflection and  P.rayer  C.ircle
Invocation for month of July, 2010
(June 27 through July 31)
©2010  Noreen Jameson
{aka Maven Noreen}

As we gather for the month of July
Blessed Godde, we know you are
always with and in each and every
one of us, yet we do ask your Presence
here in our Sacred Circle of prayer,
reflection and contemplation.

Our Intention is clear, we concisely
state our wants, needs and desires;
for ourselves, for one another, and
especially for our Home, the Planet
you entrusted into our care.

Send your Angels, dear Godde,
to Seal Blessings upon our
Mother Earth.
May the suffering caused by
our own errors be lessened.
May disasters caused by our own
greed end NOW as we recognize
the Lesson learned.

As always, we seek Peace.
We seek an end to poverty.
We seek an end to suffering.
We seek prosperity, abundance,
health and hope for all,
And we claim it to be so.

We release all negativity,
We see the Shift approaching,
We seek to serve the Highest Good
of all concerned.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.
We now reflect and contemplate
our individual concerns....
as One.................................

Amen.  So be it.  And so it is.
Blessed Be.  Alleluia.  Halleluia.

* * * * * * *
Join us each day @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto @


1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT


Grotto Chapel ~ JUNE 2010
DRPC Invocation for May 30 - June 26
© Noreen Jameson 2010

Blessed Godde, Our Divine Parents --
As your Children, we cannot do less than
that which Serves....
that which Serves Your will,
that which Serves our own Highest Good,
that which Serves our brethren.

As the Shift reveals Your plan,
we face it in perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
We seek the birthright of our completion
by striving to eliminate negativity...
by reflecting upon that which we do not yet
fully understand...
by acceptance of the Peace you extend.

Father, Mother -- we know that Prayer
is a Conversation with you, from the very
depths of our Souls, that words are not
necessary to commune with you -- we
only need vibrate LOVE.

The turnoils many face are but Lessons,
this we fully understand, but we DO humbly
ask for ease during this transition.
We continue to hold prayer vigils, we cannot
help but do so, you Created us to care
for each other, to care for our Home.

At this time, we each, though individually in
our own spaces, in our own hearts -- pray, reflect,
meditate and share LOVE collectively as ONE.


And so it IS.
So mote it be.
Blessed BE.

* * * * * * *

Join us each day @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto @


1pmPT | 2pmMT | 3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT


DRPC Invocation for the month of
May 02 - May 29, 2010
© Noreen Jameson 2010

As we gather each day through the
month of May, we remember that
we who do so have witnessed
grace, healings, blessings and Miracles...
in the name of our own personal Deities,
and by the power of our own thoughts.

Let us each individually call upon that
which Serves us as One.

Universal Creator, join us in our
Sacred Circle as we pray,
as we meditate
as we contemplate
as we reflect
and as we intercede for those who cannot.

We call upon all that which is positive and Holy.
We banish all that which is negative.
We accept Your Grace.
We accept Your Healings.
We accept Your Blessings.
And we claim and accept Your Miracles.

At this time, may we each, in our own
fashion, speak from our hearts and
pray.  Each prayer, tho individual, is
a collective reflection of your children,
Dear Godde, who are ONE..
and so to pray..........................

............Blessed Be
............And So it Is.
............So mote it be.







♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Join us each day @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto @


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