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        Invocation for the month of
        April 04 - May 01, 2010
        © Noreen Jameson 2010


Dearest Godde, creator of all,
we share you by many names
and celebrate our diversity.

For the coming month, we continually
reflect and contemplate upon the

• Ourselves and loved ones
• Mother Earth
• All World Leaders
• All who need healing
• The abused, the ill, the oppressed
• Caretakers, Health-workers
• The physically and/or emotionally challenged
• Loss and mourning
• Social Injustice
• Family strife
• Victims of ALL disasters
• Homeless
• Financial difficulties, poverty and hunger
• The Unemployed and the UNDER-employed
• Animal Suffering
• Veterans
• Military, all branches
• Military families (separated by Duty)
• Victims of war
• All Orphans
• All children
• All Elderly
• Appreciation, Gratitude
• Forgiveness, Forgiving
• Travelers
• First Peoples
• All who walk in fear and darkness
• All who walk in light and peace
• Those who wish to inflict Harm

As well as any and all personal concerns.
May we continue to pray, as One,
and turn our attention to the requests
we continually update.

Amen.  Blessed Be.  So mote it be.
And so it IS.



Keywords:  prayer, meditation, invocation, intercession, contemplation, reflection, sharing, love, light, Godde


Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle
(non) - Invocation for the week of March 28 - April 03, 2010
© Noreen Jameson 2010

It goes without saying that our Prayer Circle has been a Blessing to many,
and it occurred to me to do something different this week, rather than myself or Teri writing our group Invocation.
We all know how to pray, in our own unique fashion, so, this week, I ask you to use your own Invocation (or grab one from the Archives)
while contemplating our shared Mission, who we are, what we stand for, and who and what we've collectively prayed for and about....

No matter who or what is on our "list".. there are people, places, situations, etc, that we always contemplate.  
Then there are those unasked needs, wants, and desires.  Perhaps someone is too shy to come forward.  Perhaps it's embarrassment.  No matter, as kindred spirits, we know deep in our hearts that we've all 'been-there', and that no matter who our Deity is, our prayers are heard and answered.  

Friends, we are a diverse group, who have managed to come together every week for eighteen months... accomplishing seemingly impossible goals.  If WE can do it, I personally cannot see why world governments and big-religion cannot follow our lead and just get along as we do.

Let's continue to be an example to those who still hold prejudices in their hearts.
When it comes down to it, we are all children of the same Creator.  While it may be our Divine Right to free-will, it is also our Divine Duty to respect and honor beliefs that may differ from our own.  I am proud that we seamlessly incorporate our various beliefs into something that "works" so beautifully.

I am proud of our Circle, and those who participate.  It has been my deepest honor to serve, and Godde-willing, I will continue to serve to the best of my ability.
I thank you all for your continued diligence as fellow prayer-warriors.  I look to the day when all our prayers become unneccesary.
I would also like to thank our Teri Helton, who co-Ministers our grotto chapel, and without who's assistance, there couldn't be a continual daily prayer and meditation Circle.

As above, so below,
We mirror and reflect, and
with all my heart and soul,
I love you all.


D.aily  R.eflection  &  P.rayer  C.ircle

in the Grotto Chapel @ Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto

(R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence)


Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle
Invocation for March 21-27, 2010
© Noreen Jameson 2010

As we enter a new Season, dearest Godde,
Bless our continual efforts to forgive ourselves,
and others, to heal our planet, and bring about Peace.
Mother and Father, we humbly bring you our Prayers
for all inhabitants of this world we share,
we ask your Blessings of health,
wholeness, and abundance for all.

May those who seek to hurt  or administer pain
be rendered fully harmless.
May those who harm unwittingly be shown
the errors of their words, actions and deeds,
and may healing of all prejudices occur Now,
so that All your Children live in equality,
reaping Blessings upon Blessings.

We ask the assistance of the Angels to carry
Light where there is Darkness, may eyes and
ears and hearts be opened to Love.
Help us in all areas where we may falter.
Bless us where there is a lacking or want.
Shine upon us so that we, as Beacons
of heavenly Light may radiate your eternal Peace.

We, in Praise, do thank you for the opening of
portals leading to knowlege, as the veil between
Home and Mother Earth continually thins.
We, in Prayer and meditation, thank you for ALL
gifts already recieved, and we look forward to our
Perfect lives, enhanced by your unconditional Love for us.
We, in Trust, present unasked needs and desires.

As we continually learn, as we continually grow
as we continually teach, may the simple lessons
of Peace, Love and Light, passed on by the elders,
be realized in full spectrum, by this generation,
so that the children, who are the future, look upon
our time in history with no doubt that all we have
accomplished was for them, the animals and
our blessed Mother Earth with the humble intention
of serving the Highest Good of all concerned.

Amen.  Blessed Be.  So Mote it Be.  And so it is.




Invocation March 14-20, 2010
©  Noreen Jameson 2010

In steadfast devotion, dearest Godde,
we again come together as One to
gather energy via our thoughts and prayers
to serve our planet, our friends, our families,
our human kindred and all inhabitants of
our Mother Earth.

Help those who have not resonated with
Divine Mother's messages of warnings -
those who continue to hurt our planet, the
very soul of life.  
Her warnings -- more often -- each more
severe -- are clear to those who DO

Father, Mother, Spirit, all... help us to see
that healing begins within before it travels
without.  As we forgive ourselves, as we
heal ourselves, let our inner Peace, our very
inner Light radiate throughout - and may the
healing of our planet begin NOW.

We see a future of health, prosperity and joy
for all, and claim it to be so.
We see a future of equality, and claim it now.
We see a future of mutual respect, and claim
it to be so.
We see a future for the children, and pray
that the Elders will be proud.

Continue your brightest blessings on those
who tirelessly work for Peace.  
Bless those who pray without ceasing.  
Bless those who have unasked needs.  
Special blessings for those who have special needs,
dear Godde, especially those who are weak,
those who have unseen gifts... we ask healing
and recognition, for ALL are children of Godde.

We appreciate all the Gifts you have already
bestowed, and by all that is Holy and good,
we thank you, thank you, thank you!
And so it is, So mote it be,
Blessed be, Amen.


R.ealizing O.ur S.piritual E.ssence ~

The Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle (DRPC) in the Grotto Chapel. A new Prayer/Invocation is composed every week. We are a fully ecumenical, multi-faith, inter-denominational Sacred Circle, that meets 365 @ 1pmPT | 2pmMT |3pmCT | 4pmET | -6:00GMT

Invocation for  March 7 -13, 2010 
© Noreen Jameson 2010 

With bended knees, clasped hands, 
raised hands, bowed heads, raised faces -- 
no matter how we pray or meditate, we 
do so with One heart, Blessed Godde, 
and we ask your Divine presence in 
this, our Sacred Circle. 

We seek answers, Mother and Father, 
and realize that Your glorious Plan 
allows for the best for us as we travel 
through this life on mother Earth. 
Keep us open to understanding, 
Let us recognize Blessings as they occur. 

Send help, in the form of Angels where  
needed, dear Godde.  
Send help, in the form of Teachers where  
needed, dear Godde.  
Send help, in the form of Light, where  
needed, dear Godde.  
Send help, in the form of Healing, where  
needed, dear Godde.  

For there are those among us who suffer.  
There are those who have little to eat, who's  
homes are lost, who's home lives are broken.  
Bless them, dear Godde, with prosperity  
and abundance, end their disputes, end  
their disruptions, send them Peace.  

As we see separations of faith, creed and  
race dissipate, let us see the joy of living  
together as you intended from the very  
beginning, blessing one another by our  
actions, by our words, by our thoughts,  
setting an example for the Children.  

We share this planet, our current home --  
in diversity.  Not only our human brethren,  
but also our animal kindred, whom we pledge  
to protect and Love.  Forgive us where we  
have wronged, let lessons from the Elders  
teach us how to move forward.  

In positive affirmation, we co-exist.  
In positive affirmation, we co-create.  
Amen.  Blessed Be.  So mote it Be.  
And so it Is.  

R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence


R.ealizing O.ur S.piritual E.ssence ~ The Daily Reflection & Prayer Circle
(DRPC) in the Grotto Chapel. A new Prayer/Invocation is composed every
week. We are a fully ecumenical, multi-faith, inter-denominational Sacred

Invocation for the week of Feb 28 - Mar 06, 2010
© Noreen Jameson 2010

As our thoughts, prayers and meditations
ripple throughout the reflective pools
of our hearts and minds out into the
collective Universe, we invoke Your
presence and answers, Blessed Godde.

We know that we are only limited by
our own perception, help us to raise
our vibration for the highest good
of all concerned.  May our silent times
be filled with Your voice.

Our hearts and minds are ready to
accept Miracles.  We forgive and seek
atonement  to open the avenue of Divine
intercession.  Increase our abilities and
effectiveness,  via awakening.

May appreciation and gratitude blaze
the path of every gift received.  We
thank you, thank you, thank you -
with joy ~ and we render negativity
harmless and void.

As we see the veil thinning between
that which is seen and the unseen;
may we use our knowledge, gained
from the ancestors, and our own buried
memories as a shared resource.

Those we share our diverse planet
with deserve nothing less than our
Love, Respect, and Light.  May we
always Bless rather than condemn
that which differs from our own ways.

With compassion, we seek answers
for those who suffer inflictions that
cause strife, illness, poverty and
homelessness.  We see healing,
we see abundance, and we claim it!

While we continually pray and contemplate
the needs and desires of those who have
asked, we also remember those who have
not.  Their needs are known to You, dearest
Godde, see their hearts and grant them Peace.

And so it is.  Blessed Be.  So mote
it be.  Amen.

Invocation for the week of Feb 21-27, 2010
© 2010 Noreen Jameson

Almighty Lord and Lady, Godde
of the Universe, Godde of our hearts;
we join as ONE in this, our Sacred
Circleof prayer, meditation, illuminating
Light and everlasting Love.

May our collective vibration
and voices be that of Peace.
May all the needs of those who
suffer in silence be met with relief,
renewal and answers.

Forgive us our mistakes as we
learn to forgive those who have
hurt us.  May those who seek
the infliction of pain be rendered

In our world of seen and unseen,
Bless our efforts to bring about
positive changes of improvements
in our relationships with all beings
who reside here with us.

We praise You, dear Godde, and
we thank you for even the smallest
of blessings.  May  we recognize the
beauty of every living person and
form of life during our short time here.

As we learn to use our lessons and
gifts to serve the highest good of all,
Remind us, while asking for ourselves,
to ask for those who simply cannot.

May the wings of Angels carry our
Prayers.  And so it is, Blessed BE,
 We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection
every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)      
  A new Invocation is written each week.

  R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence


D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer C.ircle

Prayer Invocation Feb 14 -20
© Noreen Jameson 2010

Blessed Godde, we thank you for
Your Divine Presence;  we know
you are with us always, in every
moment, in every situation, in every
visible and invisible aspect of
all your  wonderful creation.

We appreciate the beauty of
our diversity, and celebrate
the purpose of your plan.
We stand in awe and gratitude for
Your persistent love for each
and all of Your children.

Forgive us the violence we have
shown one another.
Forgive us the violations
of our planet,
Forgive us the treatment
we have shown our
fellow inhabitants, the animals, whom
you entrusted into our care.

May tranquility be realized,
by all civil authorities, and the armed forces;
grant them peaceful times, that we all may
lead a calm and quiet life in beauty,
mutual respect, harmony,
compassion and understanding.

We thank you for health,
may those who are ill be blessed.
We thank you for freedom,
may the oppressed be released
from bondage.
We thank you for prosperity,
may those in poverty be abundantly

With gratitude and love, we
thank you for blessings already
recieved,  as well as for  the answers
we currently seek.
Shine Your Light and let us be
the perfect reflection of it.

Blessed Be, So mote it be,
And so it is, Amen.


 We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)      
  A new Invocation is written each week.

R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence



D.aily R.eflection & P.rayer Circle

Invocation for the week of Feb 7-13, 2010

© Noreen Jameson, 2010


On the Wings of the Blessed Angels,
Dearest Godde, we send our prayers
of Intention for the Highest Good of
All Concerned to the four corners of
our Universe, with One vibration.
We ask your Divine Presence,
Lord and Lady -- complete our
Sacred Circle.

All that is above, is here, below.
All that is within, is there, without.
Help those who doubt to fully
understand and appreciate
that every prayer, every thought,
every intention is met with an
answer of Holy Guidance,
inner Peace, and above all --
Love and Light.

May the yoke of oppression
and poverty  be removed from
all who suffer.
We see and claim a life
without hardship or disease
for all... ALL inhabitants
of our Great Mother, earth.

Remind us each day that
forgiveness begins within
Let us always be in appreciation
and gratitude for gifts and Blessings
already bestowed.
That which we do not yet
understand WILL be
revealed, in Divine Timing.

As we contemplate the wants,
needs and desires of others,
we continually reflect upon
our own lives -- may Your
Spirit, our own Divine Spark --
Light the path of darkness
and embolden us to ask
for more, as is our earthly

Help us to  intercede, in prayer
for those who cannot ask.
May we, who daily present ourselves
in humble devotion be ever certain
that joy, abundance and prosperity
are ours for the taking, as You
intended for our Ancestors, for each
of us, and for our Children.

And so it is.  So mote it be.
Blessed Be. Amen


 We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)      
  A new Invocation is written each week.

  R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence


Prayer for the Week of Jan.31 to Feb.6.
Given by Teri Helton
©2010 Teri Helton

Lighted candle for Brighid

Dear Godde,
Divine Lord and Lady of our hearts
We seek your presence to
Share our circle of prayer,
and further empower our intention,
as we raise our voices as One
On behalf of all beings, no exceptions.

The festival of Light, Imbolc, is upon us.
We prepare for the awakening
of the children of nature as the glorius
wonder that is the Sun, slowly returns
to Light our world.

We sense Mother Earth
as the quickening of fertility fills
the soil and she nurtures herself
as she prepares for the coming
Spring of new life.

Godde of our hearts and of this beauty,
Grant that our prayers be answered
In this time of turmoil and danger in our world;
that the true beauty and peace of life embrace us all
and those in need will suffer no more.

Where there is desperation and fear and
Where there is hunger, pain and suffering...
Where there is homelessness, poverty and dis-ease...
In these places and in all places where there is need,
We shine Your Light as we pray,
bringing your glorious presence to all your children.

Bless those who ask and those who cannot ask.
May we be their voice.
Bless the world with love and compassion,
In honor of our beloved Ancestors.
Bless our planet and all who live here with Peace,
That Peace may be the legacy leave to our children.

We pray a special blessing for those who
commit to a life in your service as the
voices of prayer.
May 'all' their needs be met.
May they be blessed with the best of Your bounty.
May they always know the inspiration that they are to all.

Thank you for your blessed presence
and for the gift of life.
Where ever life may take us,
We know that we are One.
In perfect love and trust
As above, so below; as within, so without.
May Your blessing continue to be upon all!
Blessed Be...and so it is.


Brighid's Flame


 We meet for collective Prayer, meditation, healing energy and reflection every day at 3:00pm Central Time (USA)      
  A new Invocation is written each week.

R.ealizing  O.ur  S.piritual  E.ssence


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